Saturday, 26 December 2015

Damn Good Fishing Destinations in Morocco That Enthral Travellers Worldwide

Are you looking for an activity-filled holiday? Do you prefer fishing the most? If yes, why not fish in the Mediterranean waters or the crystal clear waters of the Atlantic Ocean? Fishing enthusiasts will have a plethora of opportunities to do their favourite activity in both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean by planning trips to Morocco.

Morocco is an amazing destination for fishing. With several rivers flowing down through snow covered mountains, offering not only breath-taking vistas for nature lovers, but also not-to-miss fishing sites for avid fishers. What add to this beautiful scenery are the stunning deserts. With rivers flowing, inland lakes and mighty oceans on both sides, visitors have options to fish in both salt as well as in fresh waters. So that trips to morocco very excitement tour adventure.

In Morocco, two types of fishing lovers are spotted. One is adventurous. The other is peace seeker. While adventure aficionado head to the oceans, tranquil lovers settle them down at Middle Atlas where numerous rivers and lakes welcome visitors with arms wide open. If you fish in the inlands, your fishing bag or bucket will be full with trout fish. Learn how to cook trout fish if you have little knowledge of cooking fish. The following spots are famous for trout fishing.

·         Ouirgane on the Nfis River
·         Khenifra on the Oum er Rbia River
·         Bin el Ouidane, near Beni Mellal
·         Azrou (near the Aghmas lakes)
·         frane and its wonderful National Park

Oh, you are not a big lover of trout fish? Okay, that’s not an issue since the country has several water bodies are full of other fish species such as eels, carp perch, black bass, barbels, pike and roach. These species of fish are easily noticeable in the inland lakes or in the areas of deep mountain lakes.

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